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Every year the Carnival Committee encourages Otley’s shop and business owners to decorate their windows with a creative display. 


All businesses will be written to 6 weeks before the carnival and have the opportunity to enter the large display, medium display or small display categories. 


Windows are then dressed two weeks before the carnival takes place. 


Impartial judging takes place shortly after the dressing deadline and trophies are awarded the weekend before the carnival so each winning business can display their trophy with pride. 


There is a winner for each category plus an overall winner.


The Otley Carnival Poster Competition is a long standing tradition within the carnival where we call upon local children to submit a poster design that becomes the official Carnival poster for that year.


There are 3 age categories this year:

  • 6 years & under

  • 7 – 9 years

  • 10 years +


Prizes will be awarded to the winner of each category.


It is important that all entries:

  • Are submitted on A4 paper (portrait style)

  • Are brightly coloured and Carnival themed and any lettering is clear and spelt correctly.

  • Contain the NAME, SCHOOL / COMMUNITY GROUP and AGE on the back of the entry.


This year’s entries must be submitted by THURSDAY 29 APRIL 2024 to qualify. To submit your entries simply ask your grown up to contact, put ‘Poster Competition’ in the subject line, and let us know you have an entry ready. We will then arrange collection via your school teacher / community group leader / other.


The overall winner’s entry will become the official Carnival poster displayed in shops in Otley to promote the day and will also be displayed at the Carnival Field following the parade.

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